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  1. Moon Phase Suncatcher
  2. "Imagine" Mini Perfume
  3. Botanical Leaf Suncatcher
  4. Rainbow Suncatcher
  5. Zodiac Collection Mini Stone Packs
  6. "Wish" Mini Perfume
  7. "In Love" Mini Perfume
  8. "In Love" Petite Treat Hand Cream
  9. Dog Days Little Notes
  10. Sea Salt Surf Roll-On Perfume
  11. Rainbow Rubberbands
  12. "Wish" Petite Treat Hand Cream
  13. Cat's Meow Flat Notes
  14. Birdie Love Little Notes
  15. Mini Surprise Ball
  16. Olive Branch Little Notes
  17. Dog Notepad
  18. Palo Santo Room Mist
  19. Sunny Days Little Notes
  20. Multi-Tool Pen
  21. All Love Is Beautiful
  22. "Wish" Shea Butter Handcream
  23. "Strawberry" Washi Tape
  24. Taurus Card
  25. Aries Card
  26. "Still Rolling" Birthday Card
  27. Lavender Mint Roll-On Perfume
  28. "In My Thoughts" Card
  29. Emergency Sewing Kit
  30. Retro Grid Notepad
  31. Marriage Definition Card
  32. Clean Up Your Act Tech Wipey