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Kitchen Linens

Add texture to your table with our finest collection of kitchen linens.
  1. Lotus Linen Kitchen Towel
  2. Lava Falls Linen Kitchen Towel
  3. Herbal Embellished Herb Dishtowel - Sage
  4. Herbal Embellished Herb Dishtowel - Thyme
  5. Herbal Embellished Dishtowel - Rosemary
  6. Olive Checker Washed Waffle Dishtowel
  7. Flax Chambray Pantry Apron
  8. Herbal Embellished Herb Dishtowel - Basil
  9. White Flour Sack Towels - Set of 3
  10. Linen Kitchen Towel - Black
  11. Linen Placemat - Sage
  12. Orange Flow Kitchen Towel
  13. White Flowers Linen Kitchen Towel
  14. Mustard Kitchen Towel
  15. Natural Colored Kitchen Towel