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Make a List - A Book of Prompts

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Make a List - A Book of Prompts is a collection of writing prompts and silhouette illustrations.

The book is meant to inspire people to make lists in order to free up some headspace and to develop new and rich ideas. 

It is intended to serve as a creative space in which users of the book have the opportunity to get to know themselves better through the process of writing and drawing.

Each double page consists of a writing prompt, accompanied by a small black-on white silhouette. Readers - or I should better say users/writers - can use the silhouette page for drawing and doodling. 

Make a List is truly a made in Vermont product– from the creation, editing and graphic design, to printing and binding – all of it happened in our green little State of Vermont.

It's also a product made by women - artist, graphic designer and editor.