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Vermont Statement Print 22" X 30"

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The Vermont Statement Print is the largest of our prints by Vermont artist Katie Babic. With dimensions of 22" X 30", this print is a great centerpiece for a home or office space. 

The Story Behind the Prints: 

Each of our Vermont prints by Kaite Babic is created in her home studio in the Mad River Valley. The hand-pulled prints highlight the natural hidden beauty of Vermont native hardwoods. Created from a cross-section, or cookie, of a native hardwood the prints, a hand-cut stencil the shape of Vermont, and water-based ink these prints hold a rich natural history while giving a geographic pop. In the center of a cross-section of any wood is the heartwood. The prints that we carry, specially made for Bailey Road, feature the Central Vermont location, with the heartwood being placed atop the geographical area of Central Vermont.